Back-up Merchant Accounts


Being prepared is something that was always drummed into me as a child. From the enchanting Lion King song from the villainous Scar, being a Cub Scout and their famous motto ‘Be Prepared’ to my own parents urging me to ‘plan for every contingency’ when it came to exams. Even the hedgehogs crossing the road chirping merrily ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee-Gees (“Stop, Look and Go!”) in road safety adverts. By being cautious and having a plan-b you can remedy any shortcomings of plan-a. Cardstream are a pragmatic bunch and realise the importance of mitigating risk, and in terms of a payment facility, minimising downtime. Of course our gateway has 99.9% uptime, so there is such little outage it’s not even worth mentioning, around seven minutes planned maintenance over the spread of 365 days.

But of course, your entire payment facility isn’t hosted by Cardstream. We give you the gateway and can connect you to multiple acquirers. We have absolute faith in all of our acquiring partners, but sadly there is some downtime that can’t be foreseen. It’s important in the event someone isn’t prepared, that you are.

Cardstream are an independent Payment Gateway. That means we work with all of the UK merchant account providers and some within Europe too. So when you join Cardstream, you have at your disposal the opportunity to put multiple merchant accounts in place, spreading your risk. Due to our independent position, Cardstream are in a unique place to get rates for your back-up merchant account. If one merchant account provider goes down, you can carry on. Stability and consistency are important to a business. To organise a quote for a new merchant account call 08450 00 99 575 or email and someone will be ready to help you set-up your back-up merchant account.